YRKKH Upcoming Story: Next: Stupid Muskaan and haughty Kairav love drama

The well-known Star Plus series Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai will air a new love story.

Evidently, Muskaan made it to Udaipur.

Now Kairav arrives to welcome her.

As a result of Muskaan’s act of stupidity, she is unable to provide the landmark.

Muskaan and Kariav are poles apart.

When Muskaan, who is so naive and gaav ki gori, appears, Kairav is stunned.

While Muskaan refers to him as a volcano of wrath and is considerably more easygoing.

What fresh drama will this brand-new love tale bring to the programme? Are you anticipating it?

It would be really intriguing to see how this brand-new love tale in Goenka Villa develops.

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