Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th February 2022 Written Update

Today’s episode starts with Kartik seeing the sorry card on Kairav’s hand. Kairav ​​apologizes to Kartik and says that he has promised Naira that he will never misbehave with Kartik and him, even if he is angry. Kartik forgives Kairav. Kairav ​​asks Kartik to forgive Naira as well as she yelled at him badly on the last day. He says that Naira was crying.

Kairav ​​tells Kartik that he will not ask the reason for his fight with Naira and asks him to promise that he will bring Naira back home. Kartik tells Kairav ​​that the girl is Seerat and not Naira. He said that Seerat does not need to enter his life. Kairav ​​runs away.

There, Sheela asks Suhasini what she has to do with Seerat. She says she can tell him. Suhasini tells Sheela that she wants to meet Seerat only. Meanwhile, Sonu tries to steal Suhasini’s purse and Seerat stops Sonu. Suhasini sees Seerat and says that she cannot be Naira.

Sheela sees Seerat and asks her if she knows Suhasini. She asks Seerat what did she do. The woman has come here to meet her. Seerat asks Sheela not to interfere in his life and take care of her parlor. He misbehaves with Sheela. Sheela calls Seerat abusive.

There Kairav ​​throws the toys and says why Kartik is not calling Naira back. He passes out on his toys. Kairav ​​is about to faint, Kartik and Riya are shocked to see him. Kartik is worried for Kairav. On the other hand, Suhasini asks Seerat to become the ruler of Kairav.

She gives money to Seerat. Seerat and Mauri are shocked. Seerat reprimands Suhasini for offering her money to become the ruler of Kairav. Suhasini tells Seerat that she will increase the salary if she wants. Sheela and Sonu stand outside and say nothing is audible. Mauri tells Suhasini not to disturb Seerat now. She says that Seerat will leave her only when she gets married. Seerat returns the money to Suhasini and says that she can pray to God for Kairav ​​but cannot cure him.

On the other hand, the doctor advises Kartik to call Seerat as she can really help Kairav. Suhasini comes and tells that Seerat will not come. Manish asks Suhasini why she didn’t give him the money. Suhasini says she did this. Akhilesh says that if he had told him his helplessness instead of money, then perhaps Seerat would have helped him. Kartik gets shocked. There, Seerat learns about Mauri’s health. Sheela and her husband are happy Maurya will die soon. Later, Seerat stops Mauri from hiding about her health issues. Later, Maury faints. Seerat takes him to the hospital. The doctor asked Seerat to deposit 5 lakhs for Mauri’s operation. Rohan tries to help Seerat who later decides to arrange money at any cost. At the same time, Kairav’s health also deteriorated.

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