Udariyaan 21 February 2022 Written Update

The Episode Begins With The Football Match Going In. Jasmin Looks On. Ratan Singh College Score Is Still 0. Other College Makes 5 Points. The Lady Says We Will Meet In Second Half Now. Tejo Sends Someone To The New Coach. The Lady Asks The New Coach To Come, Principal Is Calling Him. He Meets The Students And Goes. Tejo Goes To The Coach And Uses Chloroform To Faint Him. She Ties Him Up. She Says We Have To Fix Real Problem Now, We Have To Take Fateh To The Ground. Jasmin Thinks Where Is Tejo, Maybe She Is Crying. Tejo Asks Fateh To Take The Coach Clothes, Team Is In Changing Room. Fateh Changes And Comes. Chief Calls Him Out And Asks What’s Happening, You Know This Match Is For Our Prestige, We Have To Go In Finals. Fateh Turns Away. She Gets A Call. Fateh Leaves. Tejo Looks On And Follows Him.

Fateh Meets The Team. He Shouts Where Is The Josh, Show Me That Spirit On The Ground, You Can’t Lose Out.
Jasmin Calls The Coach. She Goes To The Storeroom With The Peon. Tejo Sprays On Her Face. She Catches Jasmin And Takes Her. Jasmin Shouts. Tejo And The Lady Tie Her Up. Tejo Locks Her. She Says Fateh Would Have Reached There. Tejo Gets The Drinks For The Team. Fateh Encourages Them.

Gurpreet Says I Have Made This For You, I Didn’t See You As Bride. Mahi Says You Look So Cute. Simran Smiles. Gurpreet Says You Will Look More Beautiful. Simran Thanks Her. Gurpreet Says Fateh Also Knows The Value Of True Love, I Want My Family Happy. Simran Asks Her Not To Worry. Fateh Says We Will Change The Strategy, We Will Only Do Attacking, No Cross Passing. Jasmin Tries To Free Herself. Jasmin Shouts. Fateh Says You Have 45 Mins, None Can Snatch It From You, Give Your Best To It, This 45 Mins Is Yours, Make The Goal For Yourself, Your College, Your Parents, State Level And National Level. He Wishes The Players All The Best. Tejo Asks Him To Go With Them. He Says It Won’t Be Good. She Says You Have To Go, Its Imp, I Have Sent Jasmin And Coach Away, All The Best. He Says Thanks, We Will Win If You Are With Me.

Satti Praises Tejo. Everybody Sees Tejo On The Tv. Fateh Cheers For The Students. Jasmin Shouts For Help. Fateh Asks The Students To Play Well. The Principal Asks What Is Fateh Doing Here, I Had Expelled Him. Tejo Says Our Team Needs Him, I Will Tell You Later.

Everybody Sees Fateh And Thinks To See Him After The Match. The Team Makes A Goal. Tejo Prays For Miracles. Mahi Says College People Will Get Sense That A Good Coach Can Make Them Win. Simran And Mahi Pray That The Team Wins. Nimmo Says If Tejo’s Team Wins, My Mannat Will Be Fulfilled. Jasmin Tries To Escape. Fateh Asks The Team To Hit A Goal. The Team Makes Another Goal. Rupy Gets Angry On Fateh. Satti Asks Him To Accept The Truth. Rupy Says I Don’t Like Fateh, It Means I Don’t Like Him, I M His Dad, I Know He Isn’t Good For Him. Beautiful Says But Tejo Is Living In That House. Rupy Says That’s My Bad Fate, I Had To Send Her There For Humanity, Don’t Think I M Very Happy, Once Jasmin’s Matter Ends, Then I Will Call Tejo Back. Jasmin Shouts For Help. Mentor Tries To Break The Door. Jasmin Hears His Voice. She Shouts Help Somebody. She Pulls The Door Open.

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