Udaariyaan Written Update 18th February 2022

Udaariyaan Written Update 16 February 2022 Episode : Fateh decides to end Jasmine’s drama by surrendering to the police and saving Amrik’s future. He doesn’t want Jasmine to get any more chance to insult Khushbir and the family. He does not tolerate Jasmine’s threats. He thinks carefully about his decision.

He talks to his family about his shocking decision, while the family strongly opposes it. They are sure that only Fateh and Tejo can solve Jasmine’s problem. Fateh has no patience after Jasmine asks Amrik to slap Khushbir.

He explains that he can’t see it when he finds his family in danger. He wants to save his life from Jasmine by going to jail. Tejo suspects that Jasmine is hiding something. She thinks that the accident is fake, but Fateh does not think so.

Fateh tells that he has no evidence against Jasmine. The family does not want Fateh to go to jail. When Amrik married Jasmine and sacrificed his life. Fateh took the blame of Amrik and threatened to kill him if the family members did not let him go to jail.

He tells Gurpreet not to make him swear to stop. He knows that his family will fix their decision very soon. He tells them that Tejo doesn’t want to waste his life solving the problems in their house.

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