Udaariyaan upcoming Story: Fateh comes back to save Nehmat.

The iconic Udaariyaan programme on Colors TV is ready to see Fateh return.

As has been observed thus far, Nehmat assaults the nurse and escapes the home just as Advait was about to leave without Shamsher.

Nehmat will conceal herself in Advait’s car’s backseat in the future episode of the programme.

When God’s procession approaches from the opposite side, Advait will halt the vehicle, giving her the opportunity to get out.

As soon as Advait is aware of this, he will start to wonder why Nehmat left.

To assist his daughter Nehmat, Fateh returns.

Nehmat will struggle to get up after falling on the opposite side of the street.

While Nehmat is shocked to see Fateh and says “Papa,” a man is holding her hand and assisting her in standing up.

Will Fateh be able to assist Nehmat, her daughter? Will Nehmat and Ekam ever be reunited?

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