Udaariyaan 26th February 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan 25th February 2022 Written Episode starts with Buzo’s father saying stop, otherwise I will not bless you. Buzo takes Simran to the mandap. She says it is not right to get married without the blessings of elders. Boozo asks her to sit. Fateh feels that Boozo has shown a lot of courage, wonderful. Boozo’s father says that he has gone mad. Boozo and Simran are sitting in the mandap. She says then think.

Udaariyaan Written Episode Update

He asks the pandit to start the mantra. Buzo’s mother begs her father. Tejo and all requests. Angad asks Jasmine ji, Pandit is starting the mantra, come Tejo will win, you will lose, come out and stop Simran’s marriage. Jasmine arrives. Angad turns away and says maybe your stomach has decided to remain upset today. Boozo and Simran embark on a marriage affair.

Everyone showers flowers. Angad comes and smiles seeing him. Jasmine comes out of the washroom and runs back. Boozo makes Simran wear a mangalsutra. He fills vermilion. Gurpreet cried with joy. Boozo and Simran smile. Pandit says marriage is over. Everyone applauds. Satti says congratulations. Jasmine arrives. Angad says you missed, you did not say that your stomach is upset, I thought just brain, I have medicine, I can help, I will get water. Fateh hugs Simran and Boozo.

Everyone hugs him. Jasmine takes medicine. Khushbir hugs Simran. Jasmine says I will see you. Angad goes to wish the bride and groom. Jasmine sees Boozo’s father sitting there. She thinks I can take the game in my hands again.

She goes to Boojo’s father and says sorry, Boojo insulted you for Simran’s sake, they love each other, so Boojo accepted someone’s blood, it’s not that easy, now Kandy Janjua Has become the heir to the family, thank you. Tejo says bless Boojo and Simran, this marriage is incomplete without your blessings. Boozo’s father says I will allow you and Simran because of your mother, but that illegitimate child will not come in my house. Simran worries.

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