Rajjo Upcoming Story: The malicious plot of Niharika to harm Rajjo

With Rajjo assisting Swara in staging a miscarriage, the popular daily soap Rajjo on Star Plus is preparing for more drama.

In the current narrative, Niharika is seen giving Arjun the divorce papers. The latter finds it signed and is astonished. Niharika thinks of a Facebook. Finding the divorce paperwork is Niharika. Rajjo hasn’t yet signed it, as she can see. She then leaves a thumbprint on the page.

Latest Rajjo Upcoming Story Update

End of FB. Niharika tells Arjun a falsehood. Rajjo, according to her, did not give it to her; rather, she discovered it in her gym bag at the academy. Arjun is in pieces. Eventually, Thakurs accuse Rajjo of causing Swara to miscarry.

Madhu dismisses Rajjo. But Arjun is keeping her. Arjun chastises the household for ejecting Rajjo. Rajjo need not be expelled, he claims, as she is leaving on her own. Rajjo receives the divorce papers from Arjun.

According to him, he signed it as she requested. Rajjo is now free from him, their relationship, and his family, he continues. Rajjo makes the decision to go outside.

In the future episode, it will be demonstrated that Arjun will be taken into custody for abusing a woman after pledging to marry her when the police show up at the Thakurs residence. Arjun and Rajjo will entwine their fingers. She will assert that it is untrue.

She will inquire as to the source of the Arjun complaint. Kalindi will acknowledge that she did. The family will be shocked when Kalindi claims that Arjun had an illicit relationship with her sister and that he is now refusing to accept responsibility.

Arjun will be prompted to be honest by Madhu. Arjun will claim that they were drunk when it occurred. Arjun will be detained by the police, who will also take him with them.

What will occur after that? Is Rajjo going to learn about Niharika’s plan?

Kann sie Arjun retten?

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