Pushpa Impossible Upcoming Story: Pushpa vows to exact revenge.

The current subject of the well watched Pushpa series on Sab Tv is Dharam, who needs the bone marrow of Pushpa’s kids.

We have previously seen that Ashwin accepted Sonal’s offer, while Chirag provided the bone marrow. Deepti was also hired. Dharam was saved when his surgery was completed. When Ashwin overheard Ashavari and Pushpa talking, he believed Deepti was pregnant.

Latest Update Pushpa Impossible

They moved the money to Munna’s shop after Chirag gave Prarthana the money to keep. When Pushpa and Bapodhara discovered them together late at night, they were astonished. By slipping into hiding around the bag, Prarthana and Chirag are able to flee.

Deepti received a dress as payment from Chirag for destroying her fortunate clothing. Together with Ashwin, Ashavari, and Baskar, Deepti went on a date. As Ashwin misunderstands, confusion erupts, but Ashavari clarifies that she is the one who is pregnant, not Deepti.

Together, everyone observed Valentine’s Day. Due to health complications from the transplant process, Chirag was unable to go on the date with Prarthana, which disappointed her. Paatan provided Dileep’s birth and high school graduation certificates to DCP. Rashi drives off alone for the Valentine’s party.

DCP obtained the funds with the help of the Bapodhara and told Pushpa the truth in front of everyone. DCP attempted to conceal the truth while blaming Pushpa for the catastrophe.

Pushpa reprimanded Chirag for his behaviour, but they both accused her of hiding their father’s secret from them. Vasundhara became concerned when she learned that DCP had evidence against Dharam.

Pushpa will lash out angrily at Vasundhara, Dileep, and Mansi in upcoming episodes for cheating on her. She claims to have the signed documents and promises to provide Dileep’s side of the story to the court so that everyone would be held accountable.

Can Dharam succeed in getting away? Can Vasundhara see Dileep for who he really is?

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