Parineeti Serial Upcoming Story: Pari Becomes The Surrogate Mother of Neeti’s Baby

Pari will take on the role of the baby’s surrogate mother in the upcoming Parineeti serial narrative.

Neeti loses her baby after taking the bullet shot that was intended for Rajeev so far in Parineeti’s tale.

Bebe, in contrast, completely attributes Parineet’s role in this terrible incident, claiming that she is a living, breathing curse on Neeti & Sanju’s marriage.

The most recent Pariniti teaser indicates that Neeti would swear to exact revenge on Rakesh, who fired the fatal shot.

Pari will be blaming herself in the meantime for Neeti’s sickness and the death of her and Rajeev’s child.

Neeti and Rajeev will propose Pari as their baby’s surrogate mother in the forthcoming Parineeti serial twist since Neeti is not healthy enough to support a baby in her womb.

What will occur next? Will Pari accept this strange proposal given that, like Neeti, she too has suffered greatly since giving up on Sanju?

In upcoming Parineeti episodes, we’ll witness how Neeti exacts revenge on Rakesh by persuading Pari to be the surrogate mother of her child.

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