Pandya Store Upcoming Story: Will the Pandyas discover Natasha is a chutki?

The famous Star Plus programme Pandya Shop is preparing for more drama as Shweta becomes concerned as Chutki leaves the room.

The current narrative demonstrates Rishita’s vehement insistence on bringing Chiku along with them to see Shweta for protection. Dhara agrees to Rishita’s request even if she is opposed to it because she cares about the latter. Suman informs Dhara and Rishita that she wishes to have her entire family together.

Pandya Store Upcoming Story

Together with Chutki, Shesh and Mithu are eager about following him. Rishita concurs. After waiting seven years, Suman is thrilled to welcome Chutki back and asks Raavi to decorate the home. Shiva experiences flashes of the past and has a panic attack as a result of hearing this.

He is soothed by Raavi, who also gives him a pill. Asking the children to remain in the car, Dhara and Rishita leave to meet Shweta with the money. Natasha gets sequestered by Shweta in a room before Dhara and Rishita show up.

Natasha exits through the window after spotting the children through it. Shweta becomes worried as she can’t see Natasha in the space.

It will be revealed in the following episode that Shweta intends to exact seven years of retribution on the Pandyas by stealing 50 lakh rupees and Chutki. Rishita would question if Shweta will give back her Chutki once she receives the 50 lakh rupees.

Dhara would assert that Shweta and Chutki are on the one hand, while the Pandya children and their antics are on the other. What will come of it, she wonders.

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