Pandya Store upcoming story: Shweta would inform Pandya about Chutki’s reality

Shweta stirring up trouble in the Pandya family will be the focus of high-voltage drama on Star Plus’ well-liked programme Pandya Store.

As of now, it is clear that the Pandya family is trying to bring Krish and Prerna together, but a surprising development has occurred.

The fact that Krish and Shweta are still married is known to Dhara.

On the opposite side, Shweta enters the Pandya home to assert her authority and request funds for Chutki’s medical care.

Pandya has a new problem.

The cops search the Pandya home for Shweta in the next episode’s track.

The officers enter the home and begin searching before knocking on Raavi’s room.

Will Natasha be identified as the Pandya family’s Chutki? Will Shweta inform the Pandyas of Chutki’s location? What will occur after that? Kinjal runs to the office after applying makeup

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