Meet Upcoming Story: Meet to tamper with Manmeet’s beverage!

Meet, a popular Zee TV programme, features Shagun Pandey and Ashi Singh in the key characters. Meet Hooda is a show about the tenacious young girl from Haryana whose tale is told. The programme is currently preparing for some huge turns.

Manmeet remembers Shagun saying she can’t stand Meet in the previous episode, to which he replied that he would never touch Meet. Manmeet retracts. Manmeet gives Meet his phone. She hears Lawyer’s voicemail, in which he says he has provided him a draught of altered factory papers.

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When Meet looks through the draught, he sees that Manmeet also wants a piece of the action. She is aware that Manmeet will use all means required to get her signature. Manmeet will be halted by Meet.

Manmeet is informed by Yashoda that she would now refer to him as Man instead of Manmeet. Hearing that, Meet has an idea. She communicates with the attorney. Lawyer requests his and Meet’s signatures and promises to provide the paperwork before tonight. Meet finishes her ink job. The Sarkar family is convinced to observe Valentine’s Day by Meet.

Afterwards, Meet says that she will add poison to everyone’s drinks and coerce Manmeet into signing the paperwork. The moment the lawyer’s assistant arrives at the Sarkar home, Chanda contacts Meet to let her know. In order to prevent them from seeing the documents, Met plans to shortly make all of the men drunk.

In the upcoming episode, Meet organises some enjoyable Valentine’s Day games for the Sarkar family. She taints the beverages. A drink is being offered to Manmeet.

Manmeet says he doesn’t trust Meet and asks her to taste the beverage first.

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