Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Story: Preeta strikes Anjali

Preeta will strike Anjali in the upcoming Kundali Bhagya tale.

The marriage of Arjun and Preeta has so far been interrupted twice by Prithvi and Anjali in the Kundali Bhagya television series where it is taking place in the Luthra home.

Anjali is discouraged because she couldn’t prevent the marriage, and Priyanka offers that she pretend to be Preeta and wed Arjun.

Anjali approves of the concept and has Preeta wear the identical outfit in exchange for her.

The most recent Kundali Bhagya spoiler indicates that Anjali will bring Preeta into a corner and inform her that only she owns Arjun and his Sindoor (Vermillion).

Preeta becomes upset by Anjali’s assertion and slaps her hard, informing her that Arjun is actually her Karan and that they have been connected for seven reincarnations, including this one.

What will occur next? Will Anjali be able to take Preeta’s place at the Mandap?

Let’s keep watching Kundali Bhagya in the future to see how Anjali’s insanity affects her after she weds Prithvi rather than Arjun and loses Arjun’s friendship.

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