Kundali Bhagya 25 February 2022 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 18 February 2022 Written Update Preeta angrily pulls Karan away, saying that he is her husband and even though she doesn’t have high expectations from him, she hopes that he supports her sometimes when she realizes that he is right. , Karan questions if she thinks of him as a husband because she doesn’t even know how much he has done for her, he does a lot then Karan tells that today is Mahesh’s birthday, so they all want Were.

That he should be happy but because of his actions everyone is crying for his family, Karan says that he should not say that this family is also his as he knows what she wants to do with them, Preeta replies that He has an explanation for every flaw when Karan refuses to accept it,

Saying that she only cares about one thing and that is money because of which she came home, she didn’t accept it when she said earlier but today admits that she only cares about money, Krutika asks Karan to come. Because Mami ji might faint.

Karan asks what is happening when Dadi told that she might be suffering from low blood pressure, Preeta sits down saying that she is really suffering so ask Sameer to bring water with salt, Natasha questions did that why Preeta is so worried.

Kundali Bhagya Written Update

As Rakhi is in this position about her, Preeta replies that this is not the right time for it as she sees Natasha gives a one liner and then leaves,

Sameer brings the glass when Kareena asks him to hand over the glass, Natasha mentions that she doesn’t give a liner, Preeta questions her to stop talking as her habit of setting fire will one day undo it of her own Maybe, Karan stops her from telling this

That they both are arguing while her mother is ill, Prithvi mentions that their thought process is never the same but she now agrees with Karan, referring to Sherlyn the whole Luthra family thinks Karan is right. Natasha replies why Preeta is like this, while Rakhi really likes her

and used to talk to him, but when Preeta came to this house and announced that she was the owner of this business empire, she was happy, but after what she has done today, she has ruined everything because she knew that what is going on with mahesh uncle.

And what will be the reaction due to her action, after knowing everything she did unimaginable which she doesn’t understand, Kritika questions what is new in this as Preeta knows everything but does what she wants.

Preeta questions if they can stop it as Rakhi is sick and she can check him to suggest medicine, Preeta insists on checking, Karan says why should he do this when Rakhi is ill. has been

No need to act, Preeta questions what he does Artha. Dadi also says that Karan is right as there is no need for Preeta to act,

Kareena suggests that she should leave this house and take Mahesh along with her, Preeta feels that matters have taken a turn for the worse but if they all leave she will not do what she wants.

Be able to do that, she won’t be able to figure out how much Prithvi has done with the Luthra business empire, and where is Rishabhji.

Preeta threatens that they all can leave this house if they want but Karan accepts it, Preeta tells that they cannot take Mahesh as it is stated in the section

That she is going to take care of Mahesh so he will be with her, Preeta thinks she is sorry for talking goes up like this.

Natasha asks Karan what is her love as she has actually done something wrong, she claims that Mahesh is her father but the way she was saying it felt like she could keep him as a prisoner,

Natasha keeps saying that Karan should think of teaching Preeta a lesson so that she never does such a thing again, Kareena asks Natasha to stop as she has already said a lot to Preeta

When Natasha replies that she thinks Karan should keep his wife in control because she is his wife, he must be angry with her for his family. Natasha smiles thinking that she will make sure that Karan with his smart mind leaves Preeta to come to her.

Preeta stands up when Karan questions what does she think of herself as she used to say that Mahesh is her father and she does everything for her and her family, she has slapped her entire family.

Preeta questions what is her problem as he has informed her that the whole house is her right, if she smiles with them they take her lightly, but she will not let him do what he wants, Karan tells that he doesn’t believe he loves her

When she says it’s her problem, he replies she’s going to end it today when she says she should do it soon because she won’t leave the path she’s on and of course Mahesh will bring Papa out of the basement, Karan replies

that she doesn’t need anyone’s help when karan says it’s enough as she talks a lot but he didn’t come to listen to her he says love is her problem but now he will do what he wants But instead of feeling guilty he’s the exact opposite

When Preeta mentions that she wants to make sure Mahesh papa comes out of the basement as she wants to thank him as she had named all the property in his name so that she can thank him properly,

Karan thinks that she should say that she wants him to come out because she loves him but she says that she wants to thank Preeta. had come, he would fail.

BG is massaging Srishti’s head when she questions why BG went to visit relatives When she says they need to visit their relatives since they are invited, BG says Srishti He has his own and that’s why everyone loves him. Much, Srishti reveals that she is one in tens of millions.

Janki comes giving her tea when she says that Srishti thinks she is the reason for giving headache to everyone else, Biji explains that she used to laugh a lot at Srishti’s jokes but does not laugh anymore, Srishti mentions.

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