Imlie Upcoming Story: Imli regrets not following Abhishek’s recommendation!

Imlie will regret not listening to Abhishek after realising that Cheeni is preparing and scheming against her in the forthcoming episode of the Imlie drama.

Cheeni attempted suicide thus far in the Imlie serial by leaping from the terrace, but she was saved, and the police arrived to take Imlie into custody.

Imlie blames herself in her head for Cheeni’s condition and decides to leave the Rana home despite Rudra’s efforts to persuade the police that Imlie had nothing to do with the suicide.

The Imlie serial spoilers state that when Imlie goes to check on Cheeni, she is surprised to overhear her discussing her false suicide attempt and change of heart with Anu.

Imali approaches Cheeni and apologises for disregarding Abhishek’s counsel over Cheeni’s lack of loyalty to anyone.

In the future episodes of the Imali television series, we’ll witness how Imlie confronts Cheeni in front of the family and whether Atharva acknowledges his emotions for Imlie despite Cheeni’s deceptions.

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