Dharam Patni Upcoming Story: Attack by Ravi on Pratiksha!

The well-liked show Dharam Patni on Colors TV is about the love-hate relationship between business magnate Ravi Randhawa and simple, charming schoolteacher Pratiksha Parekh. It will be interesting to see how two distinct people from different socioeconomic statuses and backgrounds eventually meet through marriage and fall in love.

In the prior episode, Ravi dressed as Malhar and entered the Commissioner and his wife’s home wearing sehra. He is told to go downstairs and sit in the Mandap by Parul.

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He walks in and sees Malhar regaining consciousness. He strikes him with the vase once more. Malhar once more collapses. After locking the door and tying his lips, Ravi departs. Pratiksha experiences discomfort when she considers Ravi.

She wonders why she is honouring Ravi on this particular day. She thinks she’ll never forget what Ravi did to her. Nupur is persuaded by Aditya to keep their secret private. If Ravi doesn’t show up before the pheras, Nupur resolves to come clean.

During their wedding, Ravi and Pratiksha are seated in the mandap. Beginning the wedding ceremony is Important. Pratiksha is told to touch the groom with her hand. Pratiksha places her hand and feels strange. After their marriage, Pratiksha’s life will be ended by Ravi.

Parul hopes that Ravi would arrive out of nowhere and wed Pratiksha rather than Malhar. Pandit asks the groom to fasten the mangalsutra. Malhar is told by Hansa to fetch it from his room.

Hansa is asked by Pratik to fetch it from Malhar’s chamber. Ravi becomes tense. Malhar becomes conscious. Hansa walks in and discovers the mangalsutra. Malhar is seen by Hansa, who yells in shock.

In the forthcoming episode, Ravi urges Pratiksha to be quiet while holding a knife to her throat. Ravi is asked by Malhar to leave Pratiksha. Police are present. As Ravi finds a gun, he asks Pratiksha to join him. A person is shot by him.

Keep watching Dharam Patni on Colors TV, the Voot app, and this space to find out what happens next.

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