Anupama Upcoming Story Mar 04, 2022 | At the behest of the serpent, Baa will separate the two

The upcoming episode of serial Anupama is going to be quite a bang. In this episode of Anupama, you are going to see that Anupama is going to take Kinjal to her house. Anupama will get angry when she goes home with Kinjal. Anupama will forbid Rakhi from taking Kinjal to her house. Now here Rakhi is telling to Anupama that if you do not live either then who will take care of my daughter and if people here do not do their work by themselves then what will they take care of my daughter.

Anupama Mar 04, 2022 update

After which Anupama is about to tell Rakhi that if you feel like this then I will take Kinjal with me to my house and take care of her, Paritosh gets happy hearing all this. Because he wants Kinjal to leave his house. So will Kinjal go to Anupama’s house? What do you think.

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