Anupama Upcoming Story: Kinjal runs to the office after applying makeup

With Kinjal staying at home to support Toshu and take care of him all day, the Star Plus daily drama Anupama will feature some exciting drama.

Now that Rakhi has seen everything, she is filled with sympathy for Kinjal.

Rakhi never intended for Kinjal to lead a life in which she is required to financially support her husband Toshu.

Toshu thinks back to all the times he insulted Kinjal, yet she has always stood by his side.

Kinjal remembers the same scene where she is crying but still maintaining her composure in front of him.

Here, Rakhi tells Kinjal about a significant future business transaction that Kinjal will be handling.

Kinjal is under intense pressure to balance work and family.

Thus, Kinjal applies makeup to her face while still wearing office attire and dashes to work.

Kinjal is responsible for both home and work.

It will now be quite interesting to observe how Kinjal handles both situations and maintains a healthy balance in her life.

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