Anupama Upcoming Story Feb 28, 2022 : Anupama’s good news was won by Kinjal

Anupama Upcoming Story Feb 28, 2022 : In the TV show ‘Anupama’, you have seen up to this point that Anuj has proposed Anupama for marriage. Anupama additionally has a yes for Anuj to her and needs to say OK on her birthday. Anuj is enthusiastically hanging tight for Anupama’s yes and in the interim Vanraj is additionally attempting to break Anupama by playing his own stunts. Yet, Anupama is neither crumbling herself nor permitting Anuj to break.

Vanraj will plot to ruin the party

Today in the TV sequential ‘Anupama‘ you will see that everybody in Shah House will be amped up for Anupama’s birthday. Anupama will be exceptionally cheerful on her birthday and seeing her blissful, Anuj will likewise not be floored by satisfaction. Vanraj and Toshu will abruptly enter the birthday celebration and Bapuji won’t be cheerful seeing them. Vanraj will invite Anupama into the house and there will be a contention between the two indeed and Anupama will go into inside the house.

Kinjal will faint | Anupama Upcoming Story

Anupama will look for Bapuji’s gifts yet Baa will stay brimming with mouth, however Anupama won’t be irritated by this. Anupama will be exceptionally shocked to see the amazement and together they will say verse for Anupama and seeing this, Anupama will become passionate. Anupama will attempt to talk her heart however really at that time Kinjal will black out.

Anupama will dance

Baa will say that this state of Kinjal is occurring because of counting calories. Toshu will request to call the specialist yet Kinjal will deny. Anuj will let GK know that he recognized yes for himself clearly and GK will begin crying knowing this. Kinjal will let Anupama know that she will end up being a mother. You will find in the forthcoming episodes that Anupama will begin swinging with euphoria, she will tell all the relatives that she will give extraordinary news. Everybody will inquire as to whether there is uplifting news, then, at that point, Anupama won’t comprehend whether she should discuss Kinjal or Anuj.

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