Anupama Upcoming Story 25 March 2022

This upcoming episode of Anupama is going to be a big hit. In this new episode of Anupama, you are going to see some interesting twists and turns. Bapu ji had promised Anupama that as soon as Kinjal gets well, he will get her married to Anuj.

Anupama Mar 25, 2022 update

Now Kinjal learns that Anupama and Anuj’s love story has been disrupted so she decides to rectify her mistake. Kinjal tells Bapu that she is fine and she can take care of herself.

And can take help of Rakhi if needed in future. On the other hand, Baa is not happy with Anupama’s decision. And wants to kick them out of the house.
So Bapu ji decides to get Anupama married as soon as possible.

Shah plans his departure from home. On the other hand Anuj is over the moon after hearing the news of his marriage, it will be very interesting to see what happens in the coming episodes.

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