Anupama Upcoming Story 16 March 2022

The upcoming episode of serial Anupama is going to be a big hit. In the latest episode of Anupama, you will see that Vanraj tells Anuj that there is a lot of love between Anuj and Anupama. That’s why they do filmy things too, both of them may also listen to Anuj talking about Vanraj in a film.

Anupama Mar 05, 2022 update

Now Anupama is never going to go back to Anuj. Therefore, Anuj is a bit surprised to hear this. And on this side it is seen that Anupama is prepared very well in Holi.

Anupama waits for Anuj and also wonders where Anuj is.
has gone. On this side Anuj also comes secretly and he is the first to apply color to Anupama and Anupama is also going to run to Anuj but on this side Vanraj is outside the door and with colors in his hands then what is Vanraj first? He is going to paint Anupama or Anuj will paint his Anupama by whatever means.
So this is what you are going to see in the upcoming episodes

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