Anupama: No Career for Kinjal to give Paritosh everything

For Kinjal next in, the Star Plus Hindi TV series Anupama is presenting more obstacles.

In the most recent episode, we see Paritosh struggle to accept his paralysis while dealing with a painful event.

Kinjal does her best to care for him and help him recover from the trauma, but things are getting out of hand.

Moving on with the plot, Kinjal heads to her workplace in an effort to escape the stress and finish her work.

But in her absence, Paritosh hurts his head after falling off the bed, which puts Kinjal in a difficult situation.

Kinjal has problems.

When Baa accuses Kinjal of being selfish and not taking care of her husband, the latter gets furious with the poor woman.

While Kinjal is required to see Paritosh, Pari, and her employer,

Will she decide to forgo her career and change her role to that of a typical housewife for Paritosh?

How will she survive now that Anupama is gone?

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