Anupama 9th April 2022 Written Update

Anupama 9th April 2022 Written Update episode In today’s Up until this point we have seen that Anupama is in enormous shock subsequent to seeing Vanraj-Kavya’s additional military issue.

Here the greater part of the relatives know on why Anupama is changed with the exception of Pakhi, Dada and Dadi. Pakhi is additionally stressed and enthusiastically holding back to know reality on what occurred between her mom and father.


Anupama Written Update Episode

Pakhi demands Paritosh-Samar to uncover it yet Paritosh denies Samar that she is little.

In any case, as we probably are aware Pakhi won’t prevent and meets Nandini from her she learns a stunning truth that her dad Vanraj and Kavya are in relationship from 8 long years.
Pakhi gets damnation shock in the wake of hearing this and later stands up to their siblings about it.

Here she learn more things that Kavya is answerable for Anupama’s the present circumstance. Kavya and Vanraj was going to get hitched in the sanctuary, etc.

Pakhi detests Kavya on how she managed her mom and furthermore chastens Nandini on this.

Presently it would be truly intriguing to see whether Pakhi will figure out every one of the issues among Vanraj and Anupama. Furthermore, what will be Anupama’s subsequent stage.

Remain tuned with us for every one of the most recent updates and tattle of Anupama.

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