Anupama 6th April 2022 Written Update

Anupama 6th April 2022 Written Update episode In today’s Up to this point we have seen that Kavya got extremely furious after Vanraj denied to come to the sanctuary for marriage.

Kavya chooses to go to Vanraj’s home and allow him to pick one from her and Anupama. Anirudh attempted to stop her however she disregarded him. She reaches to the Shah house and Vanraj gets anxious seeing her irate articulations. He feels that Kavya will uncover their relationship before everyone.


Anupama Written Update Episode

Be that as it may, here, Vanraj will deal with the present circumstance sagaciously and Kavya will leave her choice. Afterward, to examine on this, Kavya and Vanraj meets in the room. Here Anupama makes her entrance in the room and will see Vanraj romancing with Kavya.

Anupama gets broken seeing them together. She isn’t prepared to acknowledge that her significant other Vanraj has an additional a conjugal illicit relationship with his partner Kavya.

Presently it would be exceptionally fascinating to perceive how Anupama will deal with this deplorable and stunning truth.

Remain tuned with us for every one of the most recent updates and tattle of Anupamaa.

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