Anupama 4th April 2022 Written Update

Anupama 4th April 2022 Written Update episode In today’s Up to this point we have seen that Anirudh makes a dramatization and attempts to uncover Vanraj-Kavya’s issue before Anupama. Everyone gets damnation shock hearing this yet some way or another Kavya will figure out how to refute Anirudh.

Later we will see Rakhi Dave, Kinjal, and Mr. Dave gives shock to Shah family by visiting their home to finish the commitment date.

Anupama Written Update Episode

Rakhi has previously wanted to destroy this commitment and will save her girl. In this way, presently she is sorry to Vanraj Shah according to her arrangement.

Later Rakhi requests that Anupama and Vanraj organize this commitment in any rich spot as well as every one of the individuals should wear the creator outfits.

Be that as it may, here Vanraj puts a highlight not to commend this in any huge spot as this will be a misuse of cash and this sum will help in Paritosh-Kinjal’s marriage.

As this request fizzled, later Rakhi chats with Anupama and orders her to buy an extravagant wedding band from her preferred goldsmith she recommends too. Anupama gets stunned hearing this new interest.

Rakhi will likely in any case drop this commitment, so she put this new interest to buy the costly precious stone ring for Kinjal.

Presently it would be truly fascinating to see regardless of whether Anupama will consent to buy the valuable wedding band. In the event that indeed, how she will figure out how to organize the immense sum for the ring.

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