Anupama 26th February 2022 Written Update

Anupama 25th February 2022 Written Update episode In today’s episode; Anuj sings a song for Anupama. Samar Anupama tells Anuj that the web design is ready. Anuj gets shocked. Samar says he finished the work last night. Anupama stands proud. Samar claims that his website will be launched before Anupama’s birthday.

He said that Anupama’s life would change after her birthday. Anupama feels upset for Samar. Anuj tries to console Anupama. Anupama says that Samar has matured overnight so she feels bad for him. She sheds tears. Later, Anuj asks Anupama to reply about his proposal on her birthday. Anupama gets shocked.

Anupama Written Update Episode

Vanraj, Paritosh and Kavya get irritated after the dealers cancel the deal without Anuj. Husmuk, Samar arranges for Anupama’s birthday. Shah learns about Hasmuk’s birthday plans for Anupama. Vanraj gets irritated. Hasmuk says whoever is not interested should not join the party. Vanraj says Anuj is not able to party in hotel so it is good that he is planning.

Hasmuk replied that the king is the king whether in his kingdom or in exile. He further gets Anupama’s message. Hasmuk goes to meet Anupama. There, Anuj explains about proposing Anupama with GK. GK asks if Anupama is ready. Anuj tells her that he is waiting for her approval.

Anupama shares with Hasmuk that she fears remarriage because of her past experience. She tells Hasmuk that she is still not over with the bad marriage experience so she is thinking about it again. Anupama shares Anuj has many things to offer her but she will not be able to return him anything. It is a big decision for her to marry us and she is afraid that she will ruin Anuj’s life.

Anupama wonders if she will not be able to give Anuj the right life because of his past marriage experience. Here, Anuj and GK talk to each other. Both of them are worried about Anupama’s decision. Anuj wishes Kapadia a reunion.

Later, Hasmuk gives an advice to Anupama. He encourages Anupama to remarry. Hasmuk decides to fight for Anupama’s happiness. He asks Anupama to learn to live with the flaws. Hasmuk asks Anupama to celebrate his birthday this time. Meanwhile, Vanraj spread the news that Anuj had been expelled from the Kapadia kingdom.

Anupama and Anuj told Vanraj’s hand behind the news. Malavika confronts Vanraj. Vanraj molests Malvika and tells that Anupama Anuj herself can spread this news. Anupama enters Vanraj’s cabin with clapping.

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