Anupama 24 February 2022 Written Update

Anupama 24 February 2022 Episode Anupama eagerly waits for Samar. Summer returned home. She asks where did he go, Mamaji called him several times and why didn’t he pick up the phone. She looks at him angrily and asks if anything happened. He goes inside. She hugs him and asks what happened. The police enters. Anu asks why are they here. Inspector asks who is Samar Anupama Shah. Samar panics and says that it is him. Anu asks if he has done any mistake.

Anupama Written Update

Inspector says that Kavya has complained against Samar that she is in danger from him. Baa shouts that the maida bowl is a big risk for him. Anu asks why did he go there as there are already many problems for him. Samar says that he went to answer Mr. Shah because he could not keep quiet seeing his mother’s insult. Kinjal asks why would Kavya complain against him when he went to talk to Vanraj. Baa asks if he had scolded her.

Samar says she was interfering in between. Toshu insisted on telling what he did. Samar says that he warned her to stay away from her mother. Inspector says Kavya said that she tried to raise hand on him. Toshu asks if he really killed Kavya.

Anu shouts that her son cannot kill a woman. Inspector says that they inquired in the area and came to know that Samar had fought sometime back. Bapuji says that it was not his fault then. Samar says that he was facing Mr Shah when Kavya repeatedly intervened and abused his mother, so he broke the lamp in anger but never raised his hand on it. The Inspector insists on arresting Samar. The family requests that there is some mistake.

Toshu says that he will call Kavya and clear the misunderstanding. Inspector says they can call Kavya or lawyer also, but he has to arrest Samar. Kinjal asks how can he arrest just because someone complained. Baa also argues with him, but he drags Samar and takes him in the jeep while Anu pleads with her son not to arrest him. Anu runs after the jeep and asks him not to worry.

Samar asks to return or else she might fall. Baa asks where is she going. Bapuji asks Toshu to call a lawyer. Kinjal says she is doing the same. Anu falls down running. Summer screams mommy, but the jeep doesn’t stop. Anu cries lying on the road.

The inspector takes Samar to the police station and asks him to sit on a stool. Anu reached the police station. The constable stops her and tells her that she cannot meet him as the police station. Anu hints to Samar if he is fine. Inspector tells Javya over phone that he has brought Samar Anupama Shah to the police station. Kinjal reaches the next police station with Toshu and Nandini.

Anu asks them to stay with Samar and not to isolate him even for a moment. Kinjal asks where is she going. No one leaves without answering.

Anu reaches Kavya’s house and repeatedly knocks on the door until Vanraj opens it. Vanraj shouts first Samar and now he. Anu angrily warns him to keep quiet. Kinjal sees him shouting how dare she come here. Anu warns to stop her English or else she will get a tough slap, she doesn’t cook and doesn’t hear cooker whistle but if she gets one slap, she will whistle for life.

She warns that he has made a big mistake, he warns her to stay away from her children and only attack her; She ruined her son’s whole life and once he got the seal of the criminal, that whole life would not be lost. Kavya says that she is playing with fire. Anu says a mother puts her hand in the fire 10 times a day and she will burn it, shouts Adi Vanraj. Anu warns him not to shout or else she will take him too to the police station. He asks what really happened.

He says that his son was dragged to the police station. He asks Kavya what Anu is saying. Anu says that Kavya lodged a false police complaint against Samar and got him arrested. Vanraj asks Kavya if she has filed a police complaint against Samar. Kavya says yes as soon as Samar entered her house and broke things, Vanraj was not reacting, he was afraid that Samar would kill him. Vanraj and Anu immediately say that Samar will never do this. Kavya says she did right and Samar’s real place is in lockup. Anu asks where is her whereabouts, she never goes to temple, today she will send him to Kanhaji’s birthplace. Kavya asks what is she saying. Vanraj asks how dumb is she, Anu is talking about sending her to jail as Kanhaji was born in jail. Anu says she will send him to jail too as they love each other, she swears that she is not Samar’s mother if she doesn’t send them to jail.

Kavya says that Samar is paying for her acts. Anu says if the account has been opened, why not they. Vanraj asks what does he mean. He says that Samar has been wrongly accused, but if she starts accusing him, the whole day will be over but not his charges; Both of them will not come out of jail before 10 days; She forgives Vanraj for every mistake but not for this mistake, she will give him back with interest, she will definitely send him to jail.

Vanraj asks what did he do. She says the problem is, when Kavya pretended during Toshu’s wedding, she did nothing when Kavya asked her not to attend her son’s wedding; Kavya made a mistake and she encouraged him. Vanraj says that he did not know that Kavya would do this to her son. Anu asks what is he doing now after knowing everything, he becomes emotionless, but Samar’s mother is still alive. Anu matters. Kavya asks what is she doing.

Anu says that his offense which he will record in his complaint; Being married having an illicit relationship with another woman; harassing his wife both physically and mentally and what not; While a lie can send his son to jail, the truth can certainly send him to jail. Kavya says that it is between Anu and Vanraj and not her. Anu says that she will pull him by her hair and will call her husband, but will not leave him. She warns Vanraj that he

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