Anupama 21th March 2022 Written Update

Anupama 21th March 2022 Written Update episode In today’s Up to this point we have seen that Anupama chooses to give shock to Pakhi by opening a slow down at school fun fair.

Anupama settles to open the Gujarati food slow down and will give her 100 percent to win the best slow down prize however Pakhi chose Kavya to open the slow down.

Anupama Written Update Episode

Later on the occasion day, Anupama orchestrates everything at the given slow down for example slow down no. 5.

In this mission, Samar and Anupama’s father by marriage assists with accomplishing this.

Meanwhile, Pakhi, Vanraj, and Kavya additionally arrive at the tomfoolery fair however there they find that the slow down no. 5 is now held by somebody.

Pakhi, Kavya, and Vanraj get stunned seeing Anupama in the slow down. The primary mam additionally demands Anupama to continue.

This makes Kavya hurt by and by as well as Vanraj to blow up at Anupama.

Presently it would be truly intriguing to see regardless of whether Anupama will win the Best Mother Trophy.

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