Anupama 19th February 2022 Written Update

Anupama 19th February 2022 Written Update: Anupamaa written update

Today’s Anupama 19th February 2022 episode starts with

Anupama Arranges A Surprise Valentine’s Day Celebration For Anuj On Terrace. Anuj Surprised Asks What Is All This. She Sings Aaye Ho Meri Zindagi Me Tum Bahar Banke.. Tune. She Then Holds His Hand And Takes Him Along.

Nandini Tells Samar That Separating Now Would Be Easier Than Separating Later; She Wants To Do Something In Life And Even Him, So They Both Should Focus On It; She Thought Peacefully And Realized There Would Be Many Problems With This Relationship; It Hurts When They Remove Bandage Suddenly, But Someone Has To Do That.

Samar Says They Can Marry After 5-10 Years, But She Shouldn’t Leave Him. She Hugs And Comforts Him And Says Let Her Go Back To USA As Its Good For Them, He Knows Long Distance Relationship Won’t Work, She Has To Go For Herself.

Samar Continues Pleading, Then Wipes His Tears And Says She Is More Mature Than Him And Saw World Better Than Him, So She Can Go. She Says Thank You And I Am Sorry. Samar Says I Am Sorry Too As I Assured You Love But Not Happiness.

She Holds His Hand And These Are Her Life’s Most Beautiful Moments And She Wants Him To Remember Her With A Smile. He Says She Would Have Gone Without Informing Him, He Will Consider This Closure As A Valentine’s Gift.

Anu Tells Anuj That They Are Taught Since Childhood There Is Expiry Date Of Everything, Smiling On Someone, Feeling Good For Someone, Etc., But After Meeting Him, She Realized, One Has Right To Sing, Smile, And Feel Good For Someone, And He Gave Her This Right.

Samar And Nandini Emotionally Hug Each Other And Dance On Judaii.. Tune, Remembering Their Happier Moments.

Anu Tells Anuj That He Was Praying Kanhaji Each Second, Loving Someone Selflessly For 26 Years Is A Prayer; When Devika Told Her About His Love For Her And Her Husband Got Angry Hearing His Name, She Didn’t Know That Kanhaji Was Saying It Instead And Filled His Name In Her Heart. Anuj Asks Her To Go Ahead.

She Reminds Him That She Told Him That She Cannot Let Anyone Else Again In Her Heart. He Gets Tensed Remembering The Incident And Says She Had Told That. She Says He Made A Place In Her Heart And Life. He Rejoices Hearing That. She Says She Always Thought That Valentine’s Day Is A Youngster’s Celebration, But Then Realizes That Age Changes But Not Love; She Doesn’t Want To Give Him 50 Rs Rose And Propose As She Thinks She Will Get 1 Kg Cauliflower And 2 Kg Bottle Gourd With 50 Rs, She Is A Housewife And Thinks That; She Doesn’t Know How To Express Her Love For Him, Etc..

Precap: Anu Proposes Anuj And Says “I Want To Grow Old With You.

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