Anupama 12th March 2022 Written Update

Anupama 12th March 2022 Written Update episode In today’s Star Plus most well known sequential Anupama is preparing for a few serious dramatization and fascinating turns with regards to the impending story.

Bapuji and Samar plans an impromptu get-together for Anupama just like her first birthday celebration that she will celebrate.

Vanraj and Baa gets annoyed with Anupamaa getting Bapuji’s back everytime.

Anupama Written Update Episode

While some other time when Anupamaa converses with Bapuji about her frailties about marriage, he upholds her.
Bapuji requests that Anupamaa acknowledge Anuj’s engagement proposition.

Then again Anuj can hardly wait to wed Anupamaa and become her significant other.

He envisions that Anupamaa is putting Vaarmala on him and blushes.

What more dramatization is holding up ahead? Will Vanraj let Anuj and Anupamaa stay in harmony?

Remain tuned for additional updates.

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